September 23 2019
Creating a Feedback Loop with Sales

High-value pursuits offer the perfect opportunity to refine messaging and strengthen the collaboration between Marketing and Sales in a “live fire” situation. When the deals are big or strategic enough, they are worth investing in. And the wonderful byproduct is the insightful feedback that is gained.

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September 13 2019
It’s time to support Sales in their big deal pitches

Most Marketing departments don’t think they’re in the business of helping Sales create custom pursuit materials that help them close deals. It’s antithetical to old style mass marketing and it requires extremely agile and fast-moving response. But there is a powerful argument to do so: according to recent data from Marketo, Sales and Marketing alignment can help your company become 67% better at closing deals.

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February 11 2015
The Cluetrain Manifesto has been updated
A good reminder about what’s happening and what’s at stake today on the Internet. Clear thinking and clever writing here. Check out especially these clues: 57, 58, 60, 63, 64, 87, and 112. via News Clues | Clue Train
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October 30 2013
How B2B companies talk past their customers
More good support for why Sales and Marketing do better together.
“Even in the digital era, our surveys show that personal interactions with sales reps remain the most influential factor—across touch points—for B2B customers. That makes salespeople a great source of information about the degree to which customers see your products as differentiated or worth a premium. Have an honest dialogue with your sales staff. If you hear about consistent pushback on pricing or an inability to articulate a compelling argument for the value of your products, you’ve got a problem. It could be your product or service, of course. But it also may involve disconnects between what your customers value and the messages you send them in your broader (digital and more traditional) marketing activities. Use your sales force to inform these strategies. Leading companies make extensive use of frontline interaction and market research to stay in tune with customer needs and perceptions.”
via How B2B companies talk past their customers | McKinsey & Company.
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