February 11 2015
What happens when innovation isn’t recognized as a good thing?
The well respected annual Edelman Trust Barometer recently came out and revealed big drops in trust levels across all institutions.  That may not be too surprising but the study for the first time looked at the link between trust and innovation. What is surprising is the fact that less than 25% of respondents feel that innovation makes the world a better place. For those of us who have long messaged new technology with an assumption that innovation is something everyone wants, it gives you pause. "In a blow to Silicon Valley's typical justification for technological advancements, only 24% of respondents see innovation as something that makes the world a better place." via Edelman: 'Era Of Scepticism' Sees Trust In Business 'Evaporate'.
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May 20 2014
Register now! Learn how Sales leaders fuel innovation
Optimize Revenue Growth and Innovation How to grow sales and fuel innovation by involving your best Sales people Join this exciting conversation with best-selling author, speaker, and CEO business advisor, Patty Azzarello and Pearson & Co.’s CEO, Resa Pearson. In this webinar you’ll learn:
  • Vital sources of market insight that are missed by most companies
  • Why Sales & Marketing are not connected enough and how to fix it
  • Examples of companies who have supercharged their revenue growth by modeling the best Sales people
  • Examples of how companies have successfully used Sales to fuel innovation
This is a 30-minute webinar followed by a 30-minute, live Q&A. It’s FREE to attend so if you can’t make it at this time, register anyway to get the recording later.
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January 22 2014
Big Is the Next Big Thing
Great current examples of big companies becoming the disrupters instead of the disrupted.
“It is precisely by joining forces with once-distinct industries that is creating what we call digitally contestable markets. As companies from multiple sectors collaborate to provide new value and new customer experiences, the boundaries dividing these sectors are dissolving.”
via Big Is the Next Big Thing | Re/code.
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January 8 2014
In the new year look to your Sales leaders for innovation

I was able to attend a sales kick off meeting a few months back. I’ve been to many of these over the years and always enjoy the opportunity. It was fairly typical, with a half-day of main stage talks from senior executives outlining their accomplishments of the past year and their plans for the upcoming one.

We were coming off 30+ hours of phone interviews with their best performing sellers, talking about their challenges and opportunities, and their customers, prospects, and competitors. Their expertise was deep and varied and our conversations were rich in ideas. In listening to the various discipline leaders speak about their plans for innovation I was struck by the fact that none of them mentioned the field, or many of the ideas we had heard from them. After reflecting on it a bit I realized that Sales was not usually looked to for innovation around value propositions or business processes that would enrich customer relationships or emerging competitive strengths. But what a missed opportunity.  Sales, by virtue of their location with respect to customers, is closest to the action, closest to the place where necessity mothers invention. So why not look to them? Why not go so far as formalize the process of incorporating their ideas, as early and often as possible, into the game plan? Surfing the Edge of Chaos was a very influential book for me way back in 2000. A fascinating look at how adaptability in business mimics the laws of nature, I still recommend it today. Consider this bit from it:
“When a complex adaptive system is moved toward the edge of chaos—when hurricanes and typhoons roil the deep seas, or fires rage through forest or prairies—the potential for generativity is maximized. . . The edge of chaos is the precondition for transformation to take place. . . The edge of chaos is the locus of all sorts of innovative activity. . . Edges are important in life; in fact, we are drawn to them. They define a frontier that tells us we are about to venture farther than we have ever gone before. ‘As long as one operates in the middle of things,’ states science writer William Thompson, ‘ one can never really know the nature in which one moves.” - Surfing the Edge of Chaos, Pascale, Millemann, Gioja, page 66-67
So let’s look to Sales to tell us about the edges of our corporate world, the seam that connects our business to that of our customers, where they spend their days. They see it first and they often want it most. Listen to them and you can accelerate both your innovation and your transformation.
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October 27 2013
How To Tell If You’re In A Cloud-Friendly Industry
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“Gone are the days when industry verticals could be dismissed as niche plays. Today, they are the future of the cloud.”
via How to Tell if You’re In A Cloud-Friendly Industry I
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October 17 2013
Tibco Sharpens Its Focus On The Next Big IT Shift ‘The Event-Enabled Enterprise’
The “event-enabled enterprise”–a very no promising thought wholesale NFL jerseys leadership move  encías for cheap jerseys Tibco dias and wholesale MLB jerseys a fascinating so future to think about.
“All companies have “news” events — the transactional business data of their everyday working day. They trigger apps to take action and publish new data into the live enterprise data stream. Vivek Ranadivé talks about the importance of integration of “all data” rather than just Big Data, a subset of an ever bigger data world.”
via Расписание Tibco Sharpens Its Focus On The Next Big IT Shift ‘The Event-Enabled Enterprise’ | SVW
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