December 5 2014
Most Popular Amazon Web Services 
Here’s a fascinating look at which services developers are using most on Amazon these days. In order: object storage, push messaging, relational databases, messaging queuing, DNS service, and in-memory cache. via 2nd Watch Identifies Most Popular AWS Services, Instances | Talkin' Cloud
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November 20 2013
Who’s Getting Rich In The Big Data Gold Rush?
As far as technology shifts go, I think Big Data is a game changer on a whole other level. Cloud gets you agility. Big Data gets you insight.  Today companies are still mostly experimenting with cloud. And while it’s early days for big data and analytics, there are already plenty of stories of companies using it to radically shift their competitive position. And that means there’s lots of opportunity to be had and money to be made.
“As Big Data matures, the people making the most money from it is changing, moving from vendors to, quite possibly, you.”
via Who’s Getting Rich In The Big Data Gold Rush? | ReadWrite.
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October 27 2013
How To Tell If You’re In A Cloud-Friendly Industry
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“Gone are the days when industry verticals could be dismissed as niche plays. Today, they are the future of the cloud.”
via How to Tell if You’re In A Cloud-Friendly Industry I
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