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February 24 2015
Open Source Is Not A Business Model
Great interview with HP cloud leader, Marten Mickos that very simply explains open source and why trying to upsell free users to paying customers doesn’t work. "You need to come to terms with the idea that some people will spend any amount of time to save money. Other people will spend money to save time. It is that philosophical difference between people that makes the business model. You reach out with the open source software to reach everybody. You reach out with a business model to those who are ready to spend money in order to save time." via HP's Marten Mickos: Open Source Is Not a Business Model | Exclusives | LinuxInsider.
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January 2 2015
Farewell Dr. Dobbs
Sad to learn that Dr Dobbs Journal is shutting down after 37 years. It was one of the formative institutions of Silicon Valley and  a place we often turned to for edification. So sad to see it unable to find a new business model despite growing page counts. Who knew that in the early years  it was named: Dr. Dobb's Journal of Computer Calisthenics & Orthodontia? via Farewell, Dr. Dobb's | Dr Dobb's
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January 22 2014
Big Is the Next Big Thing
Great current examples of big companies becoming the disrupters instead of the disrupted.
“It is precisely by joining forces with once-distinct industries that is creating what we call digitally contestable markets. As companies from multiple sectors collaborate to provide new value and new customer experiences, the boundaries dividing these sectors are dissolving.”
via Big Is the Next Big Thing | Re/code.
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November 20 2013
Who’s Getting Rich In The Big Data Gold Rush?
As far as technology shifts go, I think Big Data is a game changer on a whole other level. Cloud gets you agility. Big Data gets you insight.  Today companies are still mostly experimenting with cloud. And while it’s early days for big data and analytics, there are already plenty of stories of companies using it to radically shift their competitive position. And that means there’s lots of opportunity to be had and money to be made.
“As Big Data matures, the people making the most money from it is changing, moving from vendors to, quite possibly, you.”
via Who’s Getting Rich In The Big Data Gold Rush? | ReadWrite.
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