Contextual Selling

Sales success: It’s all about staying relevant.

Did you know that only 15% of C-Level executives felt their meetings with sales people were valuable, and only 7% would accept follow-on meetings based on the outcome of the initial meeting?* The most effective competitors, the ones focused on sales relevance, do things differently.

Relevance in sales has never been more important. Today’s buyers are armed with information and continually searching for better answers. Your reps need to understand the buyer profile (or buyer persona profile) to deliver a tailored pitch that aligns with that customer’s spending priorities. That tailored pitch starts with context. Find out how in the eBook below.

*“Are Salespeople Prepared for Executive Conversations?”, Scott Santucci, Forester Research

Selling today is more complex, with more educated and experienced buyers than ever before. With our free eBook, learn how to help your Sales reps meet customer needs, stay current, and close deals with sales-led marketing that delivers customer and competitor insights.