December 5 2014
Most Popular Amazon Web Services 

Here’s a fascinating look at which services developers are using most on Amazon these days. In order: object storage, push messaging, relational databases, messaging queuing, DNS service, and in-memory cache. via 2nd Watch Identifies Most Popular AWS Services, Instances | Talkin' Cloud

November 18 2014
8 Important Facts about High-Consideration B2B Solutions Purchases

Now this makes sense. Finally a good counter to the provocative but fallacious assertion that buyers of complex technology are moving through the buying process without material help from Sales because they can get what they need from the web. Content marketing can help get things started but there's just no replacement for a seasoned, savvy seller. via 8 Important Facts about High-Consideration B2B Solutions Purchases | IT Services Marketing Association.

May 20 2014
Register now! Learn how Sales leaders fuel innovation

Optimize Revenue Growth and Innovation How to grow sales and fuel innovation by involving your best Sales people Join this exciting conversation with best-selling author, speaker, and CEO business advisor, Patty Azzarello and Pearson & Co.’s CEO, Resa Pearson. In this webinar you’ll learn: Vital sources of market insight that are missed by most companies Why Sales & Marketing are not connected enough and how to fix it Examples of companies who have supercharged their revenue growth by modeling the best Sales people Examples of how companies have successfully used Sales to fuel innovation This is a 30-minute webinar followed by a 30-minute, live Q&A. It’s FREE to attend so if you can’t make it at this time, register anyway to get the recording later.

January 24 2014
2014 Gates Annual Letter: Myths About Foreign Aid

I confess I used to be a Bill Gates hater, fearful of Microsoft hegemony. Now I stand in awe of all that he and Melinda have accomplished. Check out his annual letter… “The belief that the world can’t solve extreme poverty and disease isn’t just mistaken. It is harmful. That’s why in this year’s letter we take apart some of the myths that slow down the work. The next time you hear these myths, we hope you will do the same.” via 2014 Gates Annual Letter: Myths About Foreign Aid | Gates Foundation.

January 22 2014
Big Is the Next Big Thing

Great current examples of big companies becoming the disrupters instead of the disrupted. “It is precisely by joining forces with once-distinct industries that is creating what we call digitally contestable markets. As companies from multiple sectors collaborate to provide new value and new customer experiences, the boundaries dividing these sectors are dissolving.” via Big Is the Next Big Thing | Re/code.

January 8 2014
In the new year look to your Sales leaders for innovation

I was able to attend a sales kick off meeting a few months back. I’ve been to many of these over the years and always enjoy the opportunity. It was fairly typical, with a half-day of main stage talks from senior executives outlining their accomplishments of the past year and their plans for the upcoming one. We were coming off 30+ hours of phone interviews with their best performing sellers, talking about their challenges and opportunities, and their customers, prospects, and competitors. Their expertise was deep and varied and our conversations were rich in ideas. In listening to the various discipline leaders speak about their plans for innovation I was struck by the fact that none of them mentioned the field, or many of the ideas we had heard from them. (more…)

November 20 2013
Who’s Getting Rich In The Big Data Gold Rush?

As far as technology shifts go, I think Big Data is a game changer on a whole other level. Cloud gets you agility. Big Data gets you insight.  Today companies are still mostly experimenting with cloud. And while it’s early days for big data and analytics, there are already plenty of stories of companies using it to radically shift their competitive position. And that means there’s lots of opportunity to be had and money to be made. “As Big Data matures, the people making the most money from it is changing, moving from vendors to, quite possibly, you.” via Who’s Getting Rich In The Big Data Gold Rush? | ReadWrite.

October 30 2013
How B2B companies talk past their customers

More good support for why Sales and Marketing do better together. “Even in the digital era, our surveys show that personal interactions with sales reps remain the most influential factor—across touch points—for B2B customers. That makes salespeople a great source of information about the degree to which customers see your products as differentiated or worth a premium. Have an honest dialogue with your sales staff. If you hear about consistent pushback on pricing or an inability to articulate a compelling argument for the value of your products, you’ve got a problem. It could be your product or service, of course. But it also may involve disconnects between what your customers value and the messages you send them in your broader (digital and more traditional) marketing activities. Use your sales force to inform these strategies. Leading companies make extensive use of frontline interaction and market research to stay in tune with customer needs and perceptions.” via How B2B companies talk past their customers | McKinsey & Company.

October 27 2013
How To Tell If You’re In A Cloud-Friendly Industry

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October 25 2013
How long will my sales playbook last?

Doing sales play books the way we do them requires a bit of an investment. And clients sales justifiably ask how Deer long their playbook will last, often hoping it might be as much as a year.The way to think about it can Next be dolor found in these questions: How long until your portfolio changes in any significant way? How long until ?????? the value wholesale nfl jerseys propositions of your competitors change and you must respond? And finally, how long until your customers’ buying pressures and requirements change? (more…)