October 15 2015
C-Level Metrics and Reporting

Very simple but useful metrics here from Sand Hill to understand and track the relationship between marketing mix and pipeline. "A few critical KPIs are key to measuring the health of the business, setting goals and identifying reprioritization efforts that can address potential issues before they surface.” via C-Level Metrics and Reporting | Sand Hill

September 16 2015
It’s a great time to be in technology, especially if you like epic change

Here’s a nice, high-level summary from McKinsey of the six main areas of focus for successful transformation to truly digital. Leading Enterprises Use Six Building Blocks to Develop Digital Capabilities, McKinsey & Company, September 2015 “(G)etting the engine in place to digitize at scale is uniquely complex. Since digital touches so many parts of an organization, any large digital program requires unprecedented coordination of people, processes, and technologies.” via Six building blocks for creating a high-performance digital enterprise | McKinsey & Company

August 18 2015
Settle your technology debt before you get left behind

Technical debt is a phrase I love that refers to the “fix it now or pay later” aspect of coding that is especially addressed in the concept of DevOps where transparency and collaboration play such an important role. Simple articulation here of key aspects involved with making the changes necessary to move IT forward faster. "You simply can’t set up a contest between IT and the business and be successful. If you do, IT can always prove that change is too expensive and takes a long time, and on the other side, the business can always prove that IT isn’t responsive and select another partner." via Settle your technology debt before you get left behind | The Enterprisers Project

August 10 2015
Good checklist for how effective CIOs link business outcomes and the IT agenda

When we think of integration and CIOs we're typically thinking of integrating technologies or solutions. That's rapidly changing so that the CIO integration task goes far beyond that to linking the business strategy and the IT agenda.  Understanding business outcomes and business strategy is no longer a nice to have or an add-on for CIOs. It's a starting place. This post includes a nice list of tips for CIOs who want to be relevant in this regard. “CIOs can serve as the primary link between business strategy and the IT agenda, introducing new technology and processes that benefit the organization as a whole.” via: The CIO as the Chief Integration Officer | CIO Journal

August 4 2015
Interesting list of risks perceived by technology companies from BDO

This is a fascinating list from BDO of the top 25 risk factors cited by the 100 largest technology companies. Especially interesting are the biggest shifts from last year to this.  “Labor concerns" went down dramatically and "the ability to attract and retain key personnel" went up dramatically. Lots of food for thought in this list. BDO Technology RiskFactor Report July, 2015 "The 2015 BDO Technology RiskFactor Report examines the risk factors listed in the most recent annual shareholder reports of the 100 largest publicly traded U.S. technology companies by revenue. The risk factors were analyzed and ranked in order of frequency cited." via 2015 BDO Technology RiskFactor Report | BDO

July 29 2015
China Pushes to Rewrite Rules of Global Internet

This is not good. "Officials aim to control online discourse and reduce U.S. influence." via China Pushes to Rewrite Rules of Global Internet | WSJ

February 24 2015
Open Source Is Not A Business Model

Great interview with HP cloud leader, Marten Mickos that very simply explains open source and why trying to upsell free users to paying customers doesn’t work. "You need to come to terms with the idea that some people will spend any amount of time to save money. Other people will spend money to save time. It is that philosophical difference between people that makes the business model. You reach out with the open source software to reach everybody. You reach out with a business model to those who are ready to spend money in order to save time." via HP's Marten Mickos: Open Source Is Not a Business Model | Exclusives | LinuxInsider.

February 11 2015
What happens when innovation isn’t recognized as a good thing?

The well respected annual Edelman Trust Barometer recently came out and revealed big drops in trust levels across all institutions.  That may not be too surprising but the study for the first time looked at the link between trust and innovation. What is surprising is the fact that less than 25% of respondents feel that innovation makes the world a better place. For those of us who have long messaged new technology with an assumption that innovation is something everyone wants, it gives you pause. "In a blow to Silicon Valley's typical justification for technological advancements, only 24% of respondents see innovation as something that makes the world a better place." via Edelman: 'Era Of Scepticism' Sees Trust In Business 'Evaporate'.

February 11 2015
The Cluetrain Manifesto has been updated

A good reminder about what’s happening and what’s at stake today on the Internet. Clear thinking and clever writing here. Check out especially these clues: 57, 58, 60, 63, 64, 87, and 112. via News Clues | Clue Train

January 2 2015
Farewell Dr. Dobbs

Sad to learn that Dr Dobbs Journal is shutting down after 37 years. It was one of the formative institutions of Silicon Valley and  a place we often turned to for edification. So sad to see it unable to find a new business model despite growing page counts. Who knew that in the early years  it was named: Dr. Dobb's Journal of Computer Calisthenics & Orthodontia? via Farewell, Dr. Dobb's | Dr Dobb's