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Agile Pursuits

The race to revenue moves fast. Learn faster.

A new level of collaboration between Sales and Marketing is required to give sellers the fast, flexible, and responsive support they need in high-value deals. We’ve developed a groundbreaking concierge approach that draws on agile principles and seen it make an incredible difference.

High-value and agile sales pursuits offer the perfect opportunity to refine messaging and strengthen the collaboration between Marketing and Sales. When the deals are big or strategic enough, they are worth investing in. And the wonderful by-product is the insightful feedback about messaging and sales tactics that is gained. There is nothing like a real deal to sharpen everyone’s game, and establishing an early action feedback loop will tune strategy and accelerate go-to-market activities.


HPE Agile GTM Skunkworks

Make sure a new strategic partnership gets off the ground in the best possible way for Sales.

HPE Agile GTM Skunkworks


Allscripts Pursuit Case Study

Create customized materials for high-value pursuits to deliver a highly targeted and tailored value proposition.

Allscripts Pursuit Support